Small Group Meetups on Social Justice + Faith

Once a month, we meet up in the woods with a group of friends; from the disillusioned to the committed change-agents within their faith communities. The first half of the evening we spend going on partner walks (with a twist) and the second half is gathered around a fire as a group unpacking those conversations.

// The Idea //

We’ve always sought out spaces where our faith and interest in social justice can unite, but too often they have felt disconnected. Sadly, we’ve often found ourselves frustrated with churches where we had hoped those interests would align. But nothing ever quite felt right.

Over the years, we found ourselves in countless 1-on-1’s with others who have felt similarly – either burnt out from their faith community or called to help drive change from within it. And so we began reimagining what our own faith community might look like in central PA…

While that idea lingered, we also knew we loved: 
– deep conversations, 
– immersing ourselves in the woods, and 
– connecting with old and new friends.

So we decided to combine these all together.

// How it Works //

We send out a secret location in the woods each month and a small group gathers from 6 – 8pm. Once assembled, people partner up and go on a ‘Deep Listening’ walk for 40 mins diving into a single question we pose to the group – focused on how issues of social justice and spirituality play a role in each of our lives. 

But here’s the catch; for 20 mins, one person is completely in silence while the other person answers. And then they switch roles at the halfway point.

Once everyone returns back, we debrief those conversations over a campfire (with snacks) to explore what insights emerged. 

* For those who may have difficult hiking, we can create options that don’t involve as much physical movement *